Finally… and just in time

Deigh, of Deigh Light Images, and I met in Woodburn at 05:20 today and went directly to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.  Our first surprise was the row of cones across the entrance to the tulip fields.  We parked across the road and walked in.  We were hoping that the clouds in the sky would light up with color as the sun came up.  Didn’t happen.  We felt fortunate to be there anyway since the temperature was chilly but not frigid and there was virtually no wind (for awhile).  They are forecasting temperatures in the 40’s and snow on the valley floor this weekend.  Good grief!!

We wandered around the tulip fields with a few other folks carrying tripods and cameras.  We headed for the car after about an hour when the wind came up and made focusing nearly impossible.  It was fun to be out with a friend and enjoying the colors and time together. 

A short drive to Mt. Angel in search of breakfast proved to be unrewarding.  Locals told the best place to eat at that time of day was in Silverton, 4 miles down the road.  They were right.

So, the trip to the tulip fields is finally complete.  We had planned this for a long time and delayed several times due to weather.  With the forecast that we’re looking at the next few days both of us felt pretty smug that we actually were able to get some time on our knees in the mud of the tulip fields.  If the weather warms up and turns dry we may plan another visit.  If not, there is always next year!


One thought on “Finally… and just in time

  1. Bruce:
    I love the composite image especially the middle one – that close-up detail is great. Very nicely done. Sure did enjoy the morning and as always I learn so much just hanging with you and watching you shoot.

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