Abstract pastel specularity

Some of the best advice I’ve gotten lately is “shoot what you love”.  While Dianne and I enjoy wedding and portrait photography I find that flowers, water and closeups involving rich, vibrant color capture me more than I capture them.  It’s been a long, cold, wet spring in Portland and the Portland Rose Garden has been dormant until just recently.  There are lots more blooms to come and this weekend of warm weather (finally!) may be just what is needed to bring them on.

I decided to get away from processing recent wedding images for a bit and see what the blooms looked like today.  Dominantly reds and yellows so far.  A few white blooms and a few mixed color blossoms.  The sky was overcast but trying to clear.  A slight breeze forced me to just stand and wait for calm… a good time to enjoy the Garden and watch people admire the blooms.  The blossoms were covered wtih water drops and I decided to concentrate on some different types of images.  I went in search of rich colors, petals that laid mostly horizontal and that allowed me to get the diffuse light in a good orientation to light the drops sitting on the petals. 

I always enjoy talking to people when they stop to watch “the show”.  Lots of people from out of town stopped to say Hi and share their interest in the blooms and their time in Portland.  I try to answer their questions and encourage them to explore the area.

Tomorrow I get to spend the day meandering through the Columbia River Gorge enroute to Hood River to celebrate a friend’s retirement.  I’m looking forward to wildflowers, basalt formations, moss/lichen and waterfalls as well as some exercise “out there”.  The Rose Garden will get another visit this weekend when Susie and Ken visit.  I’m hoping that there will be many more blooms to share.


One thought on “Abstract pastel specularity

  1. Adjectives: Delicate, poise, balance, vibrant and insighful all come to mind – beautiful is right up there as well – great abstract images Bruce and Yes let’s hope the sunshine this weekend will make the blooms pop.

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