Julie and John

All summer long we’ve been enjoying the opportunities we’ve had for unique wedding photography.  We’ve sailed on the Willamette River with Lisa and Chris and ventured into the luxury of the University Club with Kelly and Jeff.  Wonderful venues and wonderful people.

Last weekend found us at Edgefield Manor to photograph the wedding of Julie and John.  We knew that this would be fun and “together” when they booked us over a year in advance.  You can read a lot about people as individuals and as a couple in a short visit.  Julie and John’s eyes just seemed to shout “love you” to each other and “fun” to us as we met to finalize the photos.  We left that meeting with a smile and were not disappointed when the day arrived.

It was our first wedding with a cardboard stand-in for the best man.  Turns out that Matt is serving in Iraq (thanks, Matt) and could not be with Julie and John for the wedding.  John and the groomsmen brought Matt to the ceremony as a life-sized cardboard cutout.  Matt stood proudly with John during the ceremony, danced at the reception and delivered a recorded toast to the couple that was played through the DJ’s sound system (All About Music).  We’ve never seen a DJ work a crowd as well as Winnie did that evening.  She sure made our job easier.

Matt doesn’t know how much fun he had!

We really enjoyed our time with Julie, John, the wedding party and all the family and friends that made our job easy by smiling and working with us when we asked.  It is really gratifying when a stranger steps up and tells you they think you are doing a marvelous job or that you seem more like family than a vendor.  We’ll be working on the images for Julie and John in the coming weeks but wanted to post a few here so Matt can know that he was absent physically but very much present every part of the day.


2 thoughts on “Julie and John

  1. These are very nice Bruce and I know they will love them. I hope that Matt gets a few images especially the ones he was in. Love the one with the ‘dudes’ and the cake!! Great job!!

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