Worldwide Photowalk – Portland, OR

Today’s participation in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photowalk (link) was a first for me.  Let me explain a bit.  I enjoy reading Kelby’s books on Photoshop, Lightroom and photography.  I follow his blog (and others) as do thousands of other people.  He decided that he’d promote his latest book by organizing a PhotoWalk (link) which is a social experiment where photographers get together to wander around, talk and photograph anything that catches their interest.  Kelby, being the master promoter that he is, pushed the idea of a world wide Photowalk onto his blog with a nice prize list to create more interest.  Little did he know what would happen.  You can see the list of cities participating here.  8000 people signed up.  Many more just showed up to see what happened.  The finale is when everyone loads their select images up to a Flickr site and the judging begins…local first and finally by Kelby once all the city “selects” have been submitted to him.  I don’t harbor any notion that I’d win anything but the experience of wandering around Portland on a beautiful day to take pictures with no pressure … NONE… was wonderful.

The following images are the ones that I will submit to the Portland Flickr site once I figure out how to do that.  Many of these are 5 image HDR photos since the day was BRIGHT.  Reflections were fun to play with.  People seemed friendly and interested in what was going on.  Not bad… not bad at all.

My thanks to Laurie Excell (link) for leading our group.  Laurie is one of the main reasons I went today.  I hear about her all the time in Kelby’s blog and via Moose Peterson’s blog and just thought it would be nice to meet the lady.  Meet Laurie…big smiles and bottled energy with a penchant to share info and knowledge.

Hawthorne Bridge and Portland skyline (5 image HDR)

Koin Tower (5 image HDR, handheld)

City Hall

Curves and lines


Our ending point for the walk.  5 image HDR, handheld.


2 thoughts on “Worldwide Photowalk – Portland, OR

  1. Whoa!!! Very Cool – a 5 image HDR handheld – amazing clarity and crispness plus it sounds like it was not only instructional it was blast and the downtown images you got are wonderful. Perhaps we can meet in Portland and do this walk together sometime – that would great!! What fun!!

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