Dahlia time

Well, it turns out that my really nice camera is on its way to Nikon for repair after all.  Even with the memory card pins straight and resoldered the camera still flashes “CHA” when a memory card is inserted.  Drat.  I really hoped that the camera would be fully functional once the pin issue was corrected.  Thank heaven for an extended warranty.

In the mean time I will be shooting with the trusty D200 or Fuji…. not bad backups by the way.  I decided to complete my quest for some dahlia shots and paid a visit to Kruger Farms on Sauvies Island today.  I went looking for blossoms that have variable colors.  I wanted some gigantic blossoms but settled for these smaller ones… 3-4 inch diameters.

I love the complexity in the blooms and the color variation.  We’re on the back end of the blossom season but these guys were pretty fresh.  I may go back again when the light is more subdued and the wind is calm.  Until then these will just have to do.



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