Silver Falls State Park

Another day, another waterfall.  In this case, many waterfalls.  We had not been to Silver Falls State Park outside Salem in a long time.  Now, with the current hot spell, clear skies, low flows and weekend traffic we knew that the conditions would not be ideal for waterfall photography.  We went with intent to have a nice hike and see the area again… the camera and tripod went along for the ride.

We were not surprised by the low flow in the falls and there was no sign of any Fall colors.  Yet some of the details of the falls caught my eye.  The scene above is a very small detail at South Falls… the first waterfall we came to on our loop trip.  I tried to shoot other falls using exposure bracketing with HDR in mind but it didn’t work out when we got home.  Just too much breeze in the trees and a shaky approach by the photographer.

We wandered along at a decent pace, passed the same people going the other way a couple of times during our trip and generally enjoyed just being “out there”, getting some exercise and loving life in Oregon.

I’m torn about the image above.  My thought during the shoot was to contrast the still rocks with the flowing water and to contrast the dark rocks, the green moss/plants with the water.  I like the strong diagonals in the image but am a bit frustrated by the lack of critical sharpness in the rocks.  Maybe I’m asking too much when there is that much spray in the air.  If you have a reaction to the image… good or bad… feel free to leave a comment or email me.  I’d like to hear your thoughts!  Thanks.


One thought on “Silver Falls State Park

  1. South Falls was one that I never got to last winter and it appears that I really missed out. This shot is so interesting – I really like the diagonal and flowing nature of it and you did it untder some very difficult conditions. There are so many waterfalls around there that it seems as if a coupld of days of walking and shooting is needed. Glad you had such a great time. Isn’t life in the open in Oregon rewarding?

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