On high

Typical of me, I watched the sunrise yesterday from my living room.  Just glorious colors spread out over suburbia.  The forecast for today’s sunrise was once again “morning fog”.  I decided to see what happened from a more photogenic viewpoint this time.  I was the second photographer at Pittock Mansion today.  A lady was scurrying to the city view as I pulled into the parking area.  We said our “hello’s” when I joined her.  Oh my… the city was in heavy fog.  Even the bank building was covered.  Above the fog were clouds and a clearly discernable profile of Mt. Hood.  It seemed ripe for a great moment if the color developed.  Two other guys with cameras showed up and shuffled around looking for a vantage point for their tirpods.  The lady took off for work and didn’t get the best part of the sunrise.  While the fog stayed heavy and concealed the city lights and buildings, the color came on in the sky.  I kind of chuckled at the thought of all the people below, hurrying into their offices in the dark, foggy streets.  I just stood there and clicked away.  The image below is a 5 shot HDR product using Photomatix.  The colors have been boosted a bit as well.  Darn nice way to start a day!


4 thoughts on “On high

  1. Bruce, Thank you so much for calling my attention to your blog today. How fortunate we are to see this spectacular sunrise showing off Mt. Hood through your eyes and camera. God does give us a good life. Thank you. Barney

  2. Hi Bruce,
    I was one of those scurrying to work… Glad to see this point of view instead of the one I usually live. Beautiful picture!

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