Happy Holidays

We’re snow bound in Portland and anticipating more snow and freezing rain tomorrow and Christmas day.  To the best of my knowledge, everyone I hold near and dear is safe, warm and with family or friends.  The power outages have ceased for my dear friends in Sherwood, OR and I’m betting the heat never felt quite so good.  We’ve had good friends check in to see how we’re doing and all I can say is “fine”.  The drive is shoveled, the roads are passable and the wood supply is nearby.  Given the incessent newscaster lament of “oh my… fill in your exclamation here”  I’m feeling more than a little comfortable with the world.  All my peeps are safe and sound.  We’re golden.  Let the snow begin… again.



2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Glad you are warm this Christmas Day. We’d be glad to send you some of our rain to help melt the snow. Or Dave would be glad to send you some of his 75 degree weather in Mississippi. Stay safe. Stay warm. Have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Have you had enough snow yet? I have been waiting for a white Chirstmas since I left Colorado, the only difference is we plowed the roads there. Happy New Year B & D

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