Sometimes you’re the bug…

It was a decision based on hope.  I’d heard that the weekend will bring east winds to sweep away the Portland fog.  I’m still trying to get the photo I want of Portland in morning fog with Mt. Hood lit by sunrise so I took the idea that fog would form prior to the weekend as a good sign.  We went to a Neil Diamond concert in downtown Portland last night and there was no sign of fog or low cloud on our way home.  I knew that I’d make a decision in the morning.

My choices were to (a) brew a pot of coffee and watch the sun come up from my house, or (b) head for the Pittock Mansion overlook and take another chance at the photo.  I rolled out of the house shortly after 06:00 and soon found myself in front of the familiar view above the city.

As the light started to come up I noticed some low clouds… just little wispy things… drifting over the city.  Mt. Hood was barely distinguishable.  Then I saw a few more clouds in the sky near Hood.   OK, I thought, maybe just a nice sunrise shot over the city.  Who needs fog anyway?  I shot a series of images to form the pano below.  The city was beginning to show some signs of fog formation and view into the buildings was diffusing as I watched.

Fifteen minutes later I was looking at the moisture condensing on my lens hood as I stood in the clouds.  The view had changed.  Be careful what you ask for!



One thought on “Sometimes you’re the bug…

  1. Hi Bruce, Peggy here, friend of Deighs. These are great city shots. Love them with the fog. Looks like you guys are having a great time with the photography in your retirement years, plus I think you guys do a great job!! 🙂

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