Di and I took time today to travel an abbreviated loop through Yellowstone.  I feel somewhat responsible to have a decent recommendation for family members who are attending the wedding and who may have time to see the area after the ceremony.  Yellowstone is a natural but it is also an area that deserves some time to see and appreciate.  What we did today may qualify as a reasonable compromise.  230 miles and about 9 hours… not exactly a cake walk but we didn’t rush anything and were held by construction for the better part of an hour.  A good day trip and we got to see representative features of Yellowstone.  Sure, we missed many iconic sites but we saw some wonderful things and took time to look and appreciate what makes this area so special.

The geologic mix and geothermal features are key to the Yellowstone experience.  We saw and photographed some great geothermal vents but missed the geysers that make Yellowstone famous.  We saw a few waterfalls but missed some of the really big and famous ones.  We didn’t see any bears but we did see deer, elk, eagles, bison and a wide variety of birds.  We laughed through the construction zones and enjoyed a late lunch in West Yellowstone (Eddies Bakery and Sandwichs…. free WiFi).  As we rolled down the Gallatin Canyon into Bozeman we figured we’d had a good day.  It’s what I’ll recommend to folks who have one day to spend while in Bozeman after the wedding.


One thought on “Yellowstone

  1. Beautiful! All of them! We will be stopping into Yellowstone as well next month. I think my pics will be of dirty little faces and burping mud pots (sure to be the boys favorites). So I’ll enjoy your nature photographs even more.

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