What you don’t see…

It is only fitting that I end the day with a blog enty that shows the sunset from the deck behind our house in Bozeman.  Chad called to let me know that the sky was “interesting”.  He was out playing frisbee golf with Devri and her sisters.  What a guy… thinking of photo opps for his old man.

We had really nice day preparing for the oncoming faster pace.  We’ve washed clothes and the car, purchased groceries for Thursday night’s party, made appointments for a variety of things including a meeting with the photographers for the wedding.  It’s feeling under control except that I need to put together a slide show of Devri and Chad growing up.  That will come together soon.  Tomorrow we head back up to Boulder River since the flows are anticipated to be over 3000 cfs by noon.  My hopes are up.  Stay tuned.

What you don’t see behind this picture is 4 of us standing on the deck.  Three color-normal vision people telling me that the color “is good over here”.  My mother and sister arrived today and we enjoyed a nice meal together.  When Chad called mid-meal and directed my attention to the sky to the east and southwest.  I grabbed a camera (actually, 2) and headed for the deck after I hung up with Chad.  Gradually the group convened on the deck to admire the color, the light and the cloud textures.  Inverse God-rays.  Rim-lit clouds.  My Mom standing beside me.  My sister enjoying the moment and my all-loving wife smiling and laughing as she bubbled to a new level of excitement about the family being together to celebrate family.  T’was a good day.

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