In the wind…

We heard that the wind blew in Ellensburg.  Deigh told us as did others.  Every town we’ve ever mentioned as a candidate for relocation draws the immediate and emphatic response… “it is really windy there”.  Well, so far the advice for Ellensburg is absolutely true.  After spending a day here we’ve decided that it isn’t for us.  There is something relieving about knowing that we can take this town off the list.

But I have to say that the area is beautiful right now.  It’s time for cutting, baling and stacking hay.  There are machines all over the place and they are moving as fast as they can.  Dianne and I ate dinner and waited for the sun to drop a bit.  We headed out to see if we could find some action – machine and wind –  in the fields and some nice dramatic light.

It is a real pleasure to include some photos that Dianne took tonight in this post.  She is taking to the new Nikon D90 and it is producing some great images with her guiding it.  It’s such a pleasure to have her along and enjoying the light as much as I do.  Here are a few from tonight.


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