There’s always the Rose Garden

I’m procrastinating again.  Yard work looms large in my future but I find it pretty easy to push the work to the back of the day – or the next day.  I didn’t have a lot of enthusiasm for anything on my “to do” list this morning.  I started to watch the Tour de France and quickly got frustrated with the all-too-frequent commercial interruptions.  I love the racing but I hate the repetitive commercials that they throw at you.  So, given a sort of funk developing I thought I’d grab the camera and head for the Rose Garden with intent to look for some water drops and abstract forms.  I wanted some vibrant colors so I searched out blossoms that had some contrast and high quality.  It’s not too hard to find water drops in the morning – just follow the sprinkler sequence and look for relatively low blooms.  I was pleased to see that new blossoms have replaced the ones that our recent heat destroyed.  It’s such a treat to live so close to this Portland icon.


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