Lots of camera time

This blog entry is being formulated from a hotel room in Wenatchee, WA after a great day outdoors looking at and photographing a series of  road project sites for the Pacific Northwest Region of the US Forest Service.  This contract is allowing me to revisit several National Forests and see many friends that I have not seen in some time.  I just had dinner with Tom here in Wenatchee and enjoyed catching up with his family and his life.  Poor guy had major dental work done yesterday but still came into town to visit.  Much appreciated.

We have been pretty much non-stop on photo work for several days.  We began last Saturday by meeting Megan and her Mom in the Portland Rose Garden for senior pictures.  We photographed Megan several years ago and we were both amazed by how much she has changed in the interim.  Her smile and giggle were clearly evident as we walked around the garden perimeter and took advantage of the overcast skies.  I think the pictures turned out wonderfully.

Later that afternoon we met the Dickman family at Tryon State Park and walked with them  while trying to capture pictures of 3 very fast kids who like to explore different paths.  I admit that I was worried that I was not getting what we wanted to provide but the collection showed some really nice images once we got them onto a computer and were able to sort them out.  Photographing short people who are on the move turned out to be quite a workout.  My knees sure let me know that I’d been bending, kneeling and stooping more than normal.

We spent part of Sunday visiting with a new photographer in Portland and who was introduced to us by our niece Amy.  We hope to have more time with Andrea as her business grows.  Our first impression was very positive.  We like people who smile and talk with interest.

Monday started with a session at Sellwood Yoga studio to take some shots of the studio which is nearing completion and some shots for use on their new website.  We enjoy time with Savonn, Bill and Rosy so the time flew.

We got home in time to offload the image files and eat dinner before joining Darby and Paul at Pittock Mansion for a dusk pre-wedding photo session.  They helped us  wrap up our day with a great series of smiles and willingness to try different locations and poses.  The sky showed some color as  the sun set and we captured some nice images of them with the city and the color in the sky. We are really looking forward to photographing their wedding at the end of September.

And now I’m sitting in Wenatchee after a full day of photographing great projects that will help aquatic systems recover after a varied history of roading, recreation, grazing and timber harvest…not to mention floods and fires.  I’m feeling more than a bit amazed at the variety of photo we’ve taken in the past 5 days.  Both Dianne and I continue to learn from each assignment and look forward to pushing our little business to new goals now that Dianne is retired from her corporate job.  What a fun future to plan and execute.  Life is good.


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