A new garden

Today was the first time that Dianne and I have exercised our role as a retired couple.  We set out for the Swan Island Dahlia Farm in Canby, OR after allowing the morning traffic to thin out.  The nice cloud cover that would have been good for flower photography disappeared and we drove to Canby in bright sun.  Good thing that we had a diffusion panel with us… we used it for almost every shot.
We had not been to this garden before and commented about how you really had to want to be there since it is a bit tricky to find.  Our GPS came in handy and worked perfectly.  I’d probably still be wandering around the valley if I didn’t have the help of the Tom Tom.  The garden is big and well laid out.  They have several sample beds that look to contain most of the species that are growing in adjacent beds.  Pretty darn handy if your time is limited.  We wandered around on the grassy aisles and stopped at almost every flower.  I never get enough of dahlias.  Their complexity and colors are phenomenal.  We took a break after an hour and sat in the shade to review what we had recorded.  We agreed to go back out for some more and to try to get more oblique views into the blossom centers.  About 30 minutes later it was time for us to head for home.

Enjoy the sampler!


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