360 degree view

There’s a volcanic plug named Beacon Rock sitting beside the Columbia River on the Washington side.  We’ve seen this rock many times as we went back and forth on I-84 in Oregon.  I’d been by the base of the rock a few times before but had only stopped once.  Dianne and I decided that we’d pay a visit on what turned out to be a spectacular day at the onset of fall.

It’s hard to grasp the size of this rock… it’s big.  Years ago a man named Biddle bought it for the sole purpose of building a trail up to the top.  Three years later the trail was in place.  Today the rock is a Washington State Park.  The trail to the top is a mile long and is one of the most interesting accomplishments I’ve seen in the Columbia Gorge.  We hiked to the top along with a couple of other gentlemen, pausing to take photos along the way.  Every corner gives you a different view of the river, Bonneville dam and the surrounding terrain.  At the top you get a 360 degree view that could be spectacular at sunrise or sunset.  Heck, the view was wonderful even in harsh mid-day light.


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