Out and about

The cameras have been busy the last few days.  We shot a wonderful wedding in White Salmon, WA on Saturday, a cyclocross race featuring our oldest son making his comeback to the sport on Sunday and our annual Fall color drive/hike on Monday.  Monday’s drive took us to familiar places… Sahalie Falls, Koosah Falls, Proxy Falls, Dee Wright Memorial, and Sisters.  It’s interesting to compare the colors from year to year and we always seem to find something new.  As we drove up the Santiam River east of Salem we realized that we were on the front edge of any colors that might happen this year.  No worries… it’s more about being out there than it is about “hitting it right”.  We stopped at Sahalie and were fortunate to have a few moments of cloud cover to bring the scene into a decent range of light for a few photos.  Then on to Koosah which appeared to flowing at much lower volume than I ever remember.  The McKenzie River is a fantastic stream with clarity, color and character.  I never tire of looking at and into this river.  I thought it would be fun to capture some of the movement in the river and found a nice setting.  I settled in for about a half hour of playing with bubbles and movement.  Of the images captured I like this one the best.  It’s a 5 shot HDR composite so you get some additional movement in the bubble/foam traces due to the multiple exposures as well as the long exposure time of each of the 5 images.  I really enjoy the submerged logs in this shot as well as the quality of the bubble traces when viewed in full resolution on the monitor.  Digital photography sure allows us to do some wonderful things.

We headed for the Proxy Falls trailhead and made the short hike into the falls… walking casually and looking for nice colors.  I’ve come to trust Dianne’s judgement on “pretty” vine maple color since I can’t tell the difference between “pretty red” and “yuck”.   This group caught her attention and I stopped long enough to take several different compositions.

We were alone at Proxy Falls and I decided to hike upslope to a new vantage point that I had not used in the past.  Proxy is probably one of the most photographed waterfalls in Oregon and there are some wonderful images of the falls.  The view of the falls from the base is becoming more congested with vegetation and it’s a challenge to get a good composition from down low (IMHO).  Climbing up the channel seems to open up the view.  Going to the base of the falls put me in a totally different situation and I was pleased with what I saw in the view finder.  I put my widest lens on the camera and started shooting.  I tried several different compositions and shot all of them at a variety of shutter speeds to get different effects in the flowing water.  Too bad I didn’t remember to take a cloth to wipe the lens periodically.  Almost all of the last 10 images are ruined by waterdrops on the lens… dumb move and one I won’t make in the future since I’m going to make a checklist of gear and technique to have with me anytime I’m near a waterfall.  This image has a couple of spots that I wish weren’t there but is still pleasing to my eye… blemishes and all.  Next time….

We came down the old McKenzie Highway to Sisters where we settled in with a nice bowl of chili.  We decided to go home via Government Camp with a hope for a nice sunset shot of Mt. Hood over Trillium Lake.  We knew the storm was on the way but it seemed like a good idea.  As we got closer to Mt. Hood we knew the shot was doomed…. clouds covered the middle of the mountain and our view of the top was totally eliminated as we got closer.   No worries.  We headed for home and arrived in time to watch the second episode of the latest Ken Burns series on National Parks… more wonderful photos to enjoy.   Yes, we’re enjoying retirement!


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