Where’d they all go?

Dianne and I visited Yellowstone today while Chad worked and Devri attended school.  Snow had recently fallen and the roads into Lamar Valley were snowy, slick and slow.  Since we had no specific target the slow trip was just fine.  We had gotten some coffee in Gardiner and all the cameras were set for action.  Our first clue should have been the lack of elk around Mammoth Hot Springs.  We’d always seen elk there.  Not this time.  Hmm.  Off we went to Tower Junction and east into Lamar Valley.  One solitary bison way off in the distance.

Then we saw a herd of elk on a far slope so we pulled over to take a look.  One bull evident among the cows.  Again, way off in the distance.

A lone coyote pranced along the road long enough to get a few frames.

As we headed out of Lamar and back to Bozeman a small group of bison had assembled next to a small lake.  Lots of young ones played in the group.  Again, the animals were quite distant and the light was poor.  What the heck, its just pixels.


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