Seasonal blooms

Spring is here.  Officially.  And I don’t necessarily mean by the calendar.  I start looking for trillium blossoms about the first of March but usually don’t see any until about the middle of the month.  Dianne and I went for a nice 6 mile hike in Forest Park Friday and there were many trillium along the way and many more to open.  I’d had about enough basketball and the rain had stopped so I grabbed the gear and headed for the park.  These were all shot with the 70-200 and Canon 500D combination that I use for many of my “macro” shots.  Two of these are stacked exposures to create depth of field across a defined plane while leaving the background out of focus.  Yes, it is dark in the woods on a cloudy day.  Yes, the blossoms really are bright.  No, I did not spritz the blossoms.  Yes, they are manipulated in Photoshop to get rid of a bit of haloing and to sharpen.  Yes, I like the images.


3 thoughts on “Seasonal blooms

  1. e just went for a short hike up the Wildwood trail to Pittock yesterday afternoon, and I couldn’t take my eye off of each of these blossoms. Unfortunately for me (but for the best interest of my wife and friends)I didn’t have my camera gear with me.

    Great shots Bruce! If you seen any of these of mine up soon, you’ll know I was copying you!

  2. Bruce…I just discovered your website. These photos are magnificent!! I had my little point & shoot out a few days ago taking photos in my yard (!!) of the trillium. Your photos say so much more!! Lovely…

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