Redding, CA

We drove into Redding about 5:00 PM today basking in the strongest sun we’ve seen in months.  If we’d needed to go another hour on the road the AC would have been on. Di was down to a tank top and loving the warm.  We checked in to the motel, got some dinner and headed for the Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay.  We’d been there one other time but it was mid-day and the light was…… well….. mid-day…. AKA “awful”.  My goal this time was to shoot the bridge at sunset and then after dark with twilight in the sky.  I don’t hold too much hope for the shots from mid-river at sunset but I’ll work them up after we return home.  The following three shots were taken with quite a few people walking by and bouncing the bridge as we shot.  The black and white image is Dianne’s and was hand held.  The other two had the benefit of the tripod but with the pedestrian movement and bridge sway it probably didn’t help as much as it could have.  This structure has such wonderful geometry and angles to work with.  I could probably spend several hours working around the site.  Another time perhaps… off to bed at this point.  Tomorrow night I’ll be in Minden, NV with our friends the Schmidts and Di will be immersed in her yoga retreat and on her way to completing a 6 month effort to gain certification.  Much more to come…

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