What to do?

It is snowing harder and there are now 3+ inches on the railing in front of my room.  Looks like I’ll be hunkering down in town unless the daylight shows the roads to be wet…. I’m not counting on that happening but it would be a nice surprise.

I spent some of the evening playing with the HDR files I shot of the Sundial bridge.  Thanks for all the nice comments we got on the three previous files I posted.  I am confident that these files will get processed again when I get on a system with decent color management.  I’m definitely not used to trying to make adjustments with a mouse…. I miss my little tablet!  Anyway, here’s the broad context for the bridge.  You can google “Sundial Bridge” and get a lot of information about its design and history.


2 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. I’m enjoying following along with your adventure. Great shots of the bridge. I’ve never been to these places your visiting. Hope the snow clears soon for you.

  2. Gorgeous shot Bruce. I didn’t even realize it was an HDR until you mentioned it! I really need to learn this art, so I can try to make shots such as this. What a great subject as well, that always helps.

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