Hobbit land

After this morning’s entry I spent some time roaming around the north end of Mono Lake.  I drove some roads that get close to a prominent black cinder feature with hopes to be able to find something interesting without having to strike out over land.  That didn’t happen but I did find that I had cell coverage so I took advantage of that and sat at a view point overlooking the lake and made a few calls and answered some emails.  What, me obsessed?  OK… a bit anyway.

After that non-adventure I headed for the sand towers again. It’s interesting, I was the only one there and could see other folks at the tufa formations that are about a quarter mile away. Two different roads access the areas and the tufas are the main drawing card.  Like I said before, I enjoy the sand towers a lot.  My opinion of the tufas came up after the morning light photos but the sand towers have so much character and are so fragile that I seem to walk more slowly and enjoy them more freely.  Here are a few images from the afternoon.

Tomorrow I’ll try for a sunrise shot of the tufa formations again and then head to Bishop for breakfast and then on to Lone Pine and the Alabama Hills.  Time to shed the long underwear and find some shorts I think.


One thought on “Hobbit land

  1. Hey Bruce,
    Do you need a camera boy? You know someone to just pack your equipment around for you. You might have to feed me but I don’t drink (thank GOD) so I would be pretty cheap. Great pictures

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