Morning Light

If you are following along you know that I watched the sunrise at Mono Lake this morning.  I know it is inconsistent with my other posts but I was hoping for a bit of cloud to the east…just a little something to bounce the light off and to color up.  Nope, didn’t happen.  Eastern Sierra clear skies.  I knew the composition I wanted and I was set up before I could see my feet without a flashlight.  I listened to coyotes howling and an owl calling me names.  I heard a bird call I’ve never heard before and wished that I had a recorder along to capture it for my birder friends to identify. With the exception of the clouds, it was everything I’d hoped for.  I knew that I’d be looking at a profile of the tufa formation in the lake.  My thought was to just get decent color in the lake and sky and get a high quality file that would process without too much wrestling.  14 bit color, uncompressed RAW data…not much more that I can do other than get the exposure into a decent zone to minimize blownout areas.  Force the histogram to the right and avoid clipping.  Not all that easy when the light is changing by the second.

The photo below is a 25 second exposure.  I love the way that the long exposure smooths the surface of the lake.  In reality, there were quite a few ripples in the surface and an occasional wave lapping at my feet. The photo probably isn’t for everyone but it presents a sense of quiet and peace that is what I felt at the time.  For me that’s a success.


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