Turning the corner

Today marks the point at which my trip starts moving back to the north rather than driving further south.  I met Deigh in Bishop around noon and it was great to have a friend to talk to.  We had both been looking forward to visiting the Mountain Light gallery that was founded by Galen and Barbara Rowell.  What a wonderful place.  I was really pleased to see so many of Galen’s famous photos printed large and well lit.  I have to say that the books I have with these photos don’t do them justice now that I’ve seen an original.  Perhaps that’s always the way it is but my conclusion is that the large prints just screamed color.  What a great place to visit for continued inspiration to move forward.  Deigh said it best when he said “boy, he sure set the bar high”.  Yes, he did.  And we’re both glad of that.

We took the advice of the nice lady running the gallery and went scouting for locations for sunrise and sunset shots.  We homed in on one location after herding cows along the bumpy dirt road and stopping several times to see how things looked through the lens.  Now we’re both hoping for good light and a dose of that famous Rowell Sierra color.


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