Traveling with my best friend

I’m a very lucky guy.  Dianne and I just spent several days in Montana with Chad, Devri and extended family.  What a great celebration of Devri’s graduation.  We enjoyed the ceremony and the party after.  Great chili, good beer and a nice assortment of friends who stopped by to smile and congratulate “the graduate”.  We’re proud of her.

The trip coincided with Mother’s Day and Dianne’s birthday.  Dianne got a hug from Chad as we left Bozeman and headed west.  I’m pretty confident that that hug will be remembered for some time and with a smile. Hopefully it will hold her over until fall when we hope to return for another visit.

We took a fairly easy trip into Coeur d’Alene where we planned to spend the night.  After checking in we headed out to find a restaurant recommended by Devri’s uncle.  Unfortunately, it was closed on Sunday.  We went to plan B and headed out to the lake in hopes of finding Tony’s on the Lake open.  We ate there once before and really enjoyed it.  With luck, it was open.  We expected to be among the first to arrive since it was early… not to happen.  The joint was jammed.  I credit Dianne’s smile with the host finding us a table after we explained that we did not have reservations.  Heck, we couldn’t even really remember the name of the place much less think to make reservations.

We inherited a world class server named Jenny.  She joked and made it clear that she was “real”.  I have really come to appreciate it when a server has a personality that welcomes you in rather than make you regret that you came in the door.  Jenny was wonderful and served us a great dinner and a wonderful bottle of wine.  We ate slowly and anticipated our evening on the shore of Coeur d’Alene lake.  A sunset picture was in the making.  Where to go?  I asked Jenny where she’d go to watch the sun come down over the lake.  Her answer… ” a boat”.  Well, after we refined the question she directed us to a trail near the Lake Resort.  We headed out.

After figuring out where the sun would actually go down we found a place near the shore that allowed us to be near the lake.  We roamed around and Di suggested the location for the shot below.  I love how the rocks in the foreground get the last of the light and lead your eye to the setting sun.  Mostly, I love that I was there on a beautiful evening with the love of my life to watch the sun go down.  That we each got a couple of nice images to remember the evening is nice but it was a “memory maker” even if we had not captured any decent pixels.


2 thoughts on “Traveling with my best friend

  1. Great post Bruce. Watching the sun set like that alone is beautiful, but with the one you love it is special. Oh, and great photo as well!

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