Blogging from an iPad

What can I say? The iPad found its way into our house after I messed with one at a local Apple store. The photos displayed on the screen are rich and sharp. It is really a very neat device – Flash or not. So I’m finding my way around the interface and options and apps and thought I’d give the WordPress app a go. It seems pretty straightforward with the exception that images in previous posts show up as HTML code rather than an image. Here comes a test of importing an image from the photo library on the iPad.

Well, it tells me that an image will be attached when I publish the blog entry. Let’s find out.

Have a good and safe Memorial Day weekend


3 thoughts on “Blogging from an iPad

  1. Yup – there is an image attached and it is sharpe and clear. New toys – what fun!! I like the new headed on the blog and it looks like you changed the theme. I like the new one.

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