Something different

It seems that most people in Portland take their dogs out for a walk when it quits raining.  Not me.  I took my camera out for a short walk in Washington Park the other day when it was cloudy but dry. I’d been reading George Barr’s “From Camera to Computer” and I really like his abstracts and industrial photos.  Details, details, details.  I’ve also been collecting photos of textures for the past year and thought I might find some interesting patterns in the park.  I stopped at a water tank in Hoyt Arboretum and wandered around for about an hour framing different portions of the tank wall. There used to be grafitti on the tank but the Water Bureau has painted it over. Where ever they didn’t paint the northwest moss continues to thrive.  I’m sure that a lot of people thought me strange to be taking pictures of the old tank.  What ever.  I’ve gone through the collection of files several times since then and don’t find any that I react to nearly as favorably as I did when I was looking through the viewfinder.  There’s probably a message to myself in this lesson… think about composition and visualize the end result I want.  Cut out anything that doesn’t add. Push hard to capture something that I will like when I see it on the monitor. This is as close as I’ve come so far to producing something that interests me.  Go ahead, scratch your head… no one is looking.


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