Urban geometry

I went downtown to have tea with a friend today and gave myself enough time to stop along the way to photograph this wall.  I rode by this site countless times as I commuted on the train to downtown when I was a working man.  I never really thought about taking a picture until I finished reading George Barr’s “From Camera to Computer”.  He does a lot of this type of photography and spends a lot of time thinking about balance in the frame and corners.  Tones are important and post processing a digital file to capture and retain the eye of the viewer is another fine skill I know about and strive for.  I’ll be back to take more pictures of this wall and bring a tripod along next time.  This was shot hand held and carries a decent sharpness but I know the lens is capable of more.

I spent about 30 minutes playing with crops to the original and ended up here (for the moment).  I enjoy a lot of the character of this image.  I like the balance of the primary triangles and the bright diagonal separation.   I like the variety of textures and geometric patterns.  I like the way the corners are occupied on the diagonal line and not on the other corners.  There are other options to play with in this same vicinity and I look forward to going back again.  How do you react to it?


One thought on “Urban geometry

  1. I really like the stark geometrical nature of the image. I guess George Barr planted a bit of a seed that certainly germinated in you. I think it is a great shot and I love that you pre-visualized the setting. Well done Bruce.

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