Anacortes, WA Relay for Life

Dianne and I just returned from Anacortes where  we photographed their annual Relay for Life fund raising event for the American Cancer Society.  This was our 4th year doing this and while it seemed smaller both in terms of the venue and the number of people involved the event brought the same range of emotions. We came away with some really nice portraits of survivors and a game plan to turn the images and the survivor stories into a product that we hope will have high value and present “faces of hope” to many.  Stay tuned as this evolves. I can say that when people heard our “plan” they reacted quickly and favorably. I have to say that the reaction was very rewarding.

We met a bunch of new people and adopted a few.  I got to share table space with a family that included 2 youngsters, Mom and a set of proud grandparents.  I’ll match these kids up with any I’ve photographed as “cuter than cute”.  Again, stay tuned as I process pictures to post both here an on our website.  Right now I am dead tired and just glad to be home safely and feeling good that the image files are on the hard disk, the first scan through has shown that we got some good record shots and some unique views of Relay.  We got to spend time with family, renew friendships and make new friends.  T’was a good trip.

This photo is the last one of the trip.  The Relay was located at Anacortes Harbor and the morning reflections on the still water took my breath away. I love being a photographer with the opportunities trips like this present.


2 thoughts on “Anacortes, WA Relay for Life

  1. I love the image Bruce – one of the best B&W conversions i have seen you do and a perfect application for it. GREAT JOB!

  2. Awesome photo Bruce! The reflection of the sea of masts sure stands out. As Deigh stated, it looks great in back and white as well.

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