Strength and beauty at 8 months

We had the pleasure of photographing our friend Cari as she nears the time when she will give birth to her second child. Cari is a special person to us since I’ve known her for years, encouraged her in her career, photographed her wedding and enjoyed many dinners with her and Mark. We know that it will be a fun and dynamic time when we get to join up with her and her family. She asked us to do some maternity photos and we studied several websites together to see if we had common interests in the type of photos that appeal to us.  We did.  Cari trusts us and we try to do our best to show her beauty, her strength, her attitude and poise in the photos.

The wind was howling… OK, for Hood River it was relatively calm…. and the sky had an unusual set of cumulus clouds forming as we drove into town.  Cari was more than willing to go to the beach and pose.  We looked for an area that was relatively free of other people and that allowed me to keep the clouds in the background. The dynamics of the wind, her skirt, her blowing hair and the puffy beauty of the clouds created a wonderful setting for some shots.  We threw a lot of flash at the down-sun side of her to keep detail in her skirt.  The sun setting in the west was so bright we ended up shooting at about 1/8000 second to hold the sky and clouds.

I love that Cari got up on the rock and held the Warrior pose until I had enough shots to satisfy my sense of “enough”.  All the time she was posing Mark was off to the side playing trucks with Milo.  Could a photographer ask for more?  Warm air, warm wind, great setting, fun and willing people.  Oh my.

We went back to their place after we finished shooting on the river.  I told Cari I wanted to experiment a bit and that I wanted to get a shot where her belly and Milo’s hands were the dominant subject.  We darkened the room and began playing with the lights.  I learned that it is a challenge to control the spread of light.  I’ll keep working at it and hope to do at least a quicker, if not better, job next time I have the chance.  This is how I learn… read, experiment, adapt.  I can’t thank Cari enough for her patience with me.

Thanks Cari.  I hope that all goes well for you when the process starts and you bring another wonder into the world.  You’ve got a great team supporting you.


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