High elevation

Five days in Colorado and I’m just beginning to feel like my head is back on my shoulders. It usually takes me awhile to get used to the elevation but I’ve felt it more this trip than ever before. Couldn’t be age could it? Naw!

We’ve had the good fortune to spend time with family and friends and look forward to more of the same in the coming days. The main reason for being here is to have time with my Mom and she is more than willing to go anywhere or do anything we ask. I hope to have half her enthusiasm when I’m 96. Maybe I should hope for her vitality when I’m 65!

We got to meet great nephew Zachary for the first time a few days ago. What a kid! He smiles and smiles and endures the hugs and photographic antics we imposed on him. Ken and Susie knew I wanted to photograph Zach and did everything they could to accommodate me…including feeding us dinner and having cold refreshments on hand. The photos below may not have the best color or quality since they were edited on an iPad but I hope they show the boy’s spirit.

We spent a nice night in Summit county (thanks Betsy and Stan) and I got to visit the area where I worked when in high school. Lots of memories as we drove around Breckenridge and the valley of the Blue. I have wanted photos of Aspen and Colorado columbines for a LONG time. While I did not get exactly what I envisioned I am happy to have a small collection of each now.


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