Down time on the coast

Di and I actually marked the calendar we use to schedule our time with a weekend for ourselves. We really didn’t have any location in mind or grand plans for our time. We just knew that we wanted to be out of Portland and somewhere we could hunker in, relax and enjoy our time together. We’ve both been running pretty hard (for retired people) and it kind of startled us that we had to hunt pretty hard to find a weekend that wasn’t already booked with something. Once we found it we committed to it and booked the “our time”. A day or so ahead of departure we decided that it would be the coast, booked a house near Lincoln City and packed our bags to go.

I could go on about the house we rented. But I won’t. Just a word to anyone reading this blog… stay away from the Kiwi Cottage in Gleneden Beach. We didn’t spend too much on it but we got less in return. Bahhhhhhhh

Even with the first real feel of Oregon Coast weather (gray, windy, wet) we set out to explore some places we had not been and some that we visit almost every time we are in the area. We found ourselves at the Oregon Aquarium and went in. While I really enjoy photographing the jellyfish this visit found me more into the crowd in the underwater tunnels. It never really hurts to have a little kid standing in amazement at the fish above her head.

Her parents were nearby and Dad was sporting a Canon 5D II around his neck. I’m sure his images will find their way to the album or shoebox. I was shooting at ISO 3200 with the new 28-300 lens I’m trying to get aquainted with. Other than some serious white balance issues, I am content with the images. Noise was really not too bad. Yes, the image (and the next one) have been processed more than I normally do but I like the effect.

Then we headed back north and stopped at a beach area to take a hike. We ran into some of the most unusual rock formations I’ve ever seen on the Oregon coast. I love this location and will we already have agreed to go back for a much more formal yoga pose shoot when the tide is receding and the sun is setting. As it was, the tide was coming up and all I had along during our first visit was the camera and 28-300 lens. The next three images are handheld, ISO 3200 and processed to add some feel.

There is so much character in the rock formations exposed at low tide. The rounded “stools” are really catching as are the great gashes in the rock formation and the stream of water running through the rocks. I see this shot or others being taken with a heavy dose of neutral density filter to create an ocean blur around the rocks. A bit of sunset color wouldn’t hurt a bit. Oh yeah, and Dianne would be posing on the rock tables for many of the shots I hope to create sometime soon.

We went back this morning with intent to get some decent yoga poses for Dianne to use in her blog and marketing. Of course, I didn’t pay much attention to the tide tables and we were greeted by a lack of rock features and heavy ocean foam. Not ones to walk away empty handed Dianne willingly got out on the limited exposed rock and ran through a brief yoga session as I clicked away. Now, she isn’t going to be thrilled that I am posting this shot since she is particularly focused on getting correct form for any pose. This is not a pose but was taken as she was moving between poses. Frankly, I love it. I think her form is just fine. Yup, I do.

One thought on “Down time on the coast

  1. I have not seen any better from inside the tunnel at the aquarium than these. Great work Bruce! Traci and I had a great time in Newport just this weekend past, but did not get to Beverly Beach. I would love to visit it yet though some time!

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