A great jigsaw puzzle

I’ve seen advertisements for places that offer to make a jigsaw puzzle from one of your photos.  I’ve toyed with the idea several times and usually turned away since the puzzles just don’t contain enough pieces to be truly challenging.  Everyone needs a good challenge don’t they?  I’ve also felt that the puzzle creation deserved an image that would offer a lot of complexity and user frustration. Back to that “challenge” thing I guess.

I participate in an informal group of digital geeks/photographers here in Portland.  We meet monthly and talk about items of interest and show each other prints from recent outings or our files.  We meet in a restaurant on Mississippi in north Portland and the street offers a wide variety of storefront experiences.  It’s kind of a “NW 23rd wanna-be”. I’ve walked the length of the street several times and have always thought that one store was particularly interesting.  I have to say that it is sure “different”.  I’ve always wanted to take a photo of the window and did just that last night.  Several of our group met an hour early and ventured out onto Mississippi to shoot night photos. Brand new to me but I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get the photo I’ve wanted.  After processing it heavily as an HDR and then working it over in a couple of Topaz filters I think I have a photo to use for the jigsaw puzzle.  Without further delay I present… my jigsaw puzzle.

I know a nice lady in Medford who will get a copy of this puzzle if I can find a company that will cut it up into 500 or more fiendish pieces.  Hey… she likes a challenge…. don’t you Barbara?

We also did some more conventional night shots.  Again, brand new type of shooting for me but I enjoyed being out with some friends and playing with the camera.


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