Backyard birds

T’was a dark and stormy morning in Portland as I sat drinking coffee and catching up on world news this day after Christmas. The birds were swarming the feeders on our patio and some were starting to use the perch material I put out to serve as portrait stations for these little visitors.  Of course, along with the birds come a few gray squirrels. These guys are very athletic and creative in their approach to gaining access to the feeders.  I’ve joined the crowd of people I know who would just as soon that the squirrels not hoard the bird food so I’ve been trying to find a location for the main feeder station that eliminates the squirrels from the action.  After several adjustments to the feeders and the perching material I think I’ve won… for now.

As we sat down to breakfast we saw this little downy woodpecker come into the feeders.  After some snacking it moved off to one of the perches I’ve placed to provide some decent photo backgrounds.  I grabbed the camera and rattled off a few hand held bursts through the glass of our back door.  Not at all ideal but I think the photo below is still a decent rendition of this bird.  First woodpecker in my file collection for 2010.  Now that he’s found the area I hope it comes back when I’m set up to capture a higher quality image.


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