Just a matter of time

I was sitting at the desk concentrating on getting all the forms and paperwork lined out for our pending trip to India when it sounded like a tree had fallen on the house.  It’s been snowing and raining and windy for days so almost anything is possible.  I wandered out into the kitchen to see if there was any damage.  Nothing.  I looked out all the windows and everything looked in place.  Even the perching material I put up for the birds and photos was still standing.  No sign of squirrels wreaking havoc.  As I started back to the office I saw a small wad of feathers blowing on the largest window.  Yes, ON the window.  Clearly, some bird had smacked itself into the window even though we keep a small stained glass there to try to alert them.  I looked up in the neighbor’s tree and saw this sharp shinned hawk sitting there.  It looked for all the world like it was trying to figure out how many claws it had and which way was up.  I grabbed my camera that was sitting nearby and shot through the dirty window to record these images.  I knew it had to be just a matter of time before the masses of juncos and finches brought in a hawk or other predators.


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