Way out on a limb

I’m working my way through the images from India and have to stop every once in awhile and just appreciate what we experienced on that wild ride.  This image was made about half way through the trip as we left a research site where a nice young man is studying freshwater dolphins.  The sun was going down and, characteristically, was glowing bright behind a layer of (politely) “haze”.  I loved the yellow mustard field and the simplicity of the trees against the sky.  I removed a set of power towers and lines from this HDR image. I’m out on a limb since Dianne has not looked at the image to judge the colors.  What ever… I like it.


5 thoughts on “Way out on a limb

  1. Beautiful image Bruce! I would have never have thought to make an HDR for this image, but I love your work with the HDR processing here. The grass and sun show up so well. I don’t know about Dianne, but this photo gets my two thumbs up!

  2. Vern nice Bruce and so iconic of India. The haze really brings out the colors – real or not. I am pretty sure Di won’t be doing much to change this image. Well crafted and presented.

  3. OK. You know I talk. Here’s what I have to say. Although I definitely like your Himalyan shot (who couldn’t?), you’ve just got to love this tree shot for its composition. This is a rare photo to love, Bruce. -d

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