One month ago tomorrow

Geek alert!

No deep thoughts or revelations here.  If you are searching for meaning in any way then you ought to move on and save yourself some time.

We got home on February 8 and tomorrow is our one month anniversary.  Tonight we both kind of looked at each other and voiced “it seems like yesterday” and then “has it been that long?”  It really doesn’t seem possible that we’ve been back for a month now that we are fully grounded and back on our normal path.. such as it is.

The month has gone by quickly for me since I’ve been pretty much fully absorbed by the images we brought home.  It may come as a shock to some and not so much to others but we brought home nearly 10,000 digital files… GULP.  Statistically, the Canon G10 captured 1017 images and about 8 video clips.  The D700 captured 8923 images.  The Flip video camera provided 99 videos.  Yup, we’ve had our hands full…not to mention a couple of hard disks and lots of computer time.  It was worth it.

When it is all said and done we identified about 800 images that are worth showing or talking about.  When you consider that we have about 1000 images of the sunrise on the Himalayas the real return rate on keeper frames per total shooting goes up.  Then consider that I shot a lot of photos of birds.  When I do that I tend to shoot in bursts of 3-5 frames in rapid succession.  So, out of the 3-5 I might keep one or two.  It was rare that a burst got more than one keeper but it did happen a couple of times.  Probably when the light was brighter and I’d had less tea.  Overall I’m guessing that we kept about 1 out of 8 images overall when you take out the redundancy.  Should I be happy or embarrassed?  Does it matter?

I’ve learned a lot about processing thousands of images.  I thought I had it down after shooting weddings but this trip dwarfs our most robust wedding collection.  I wasted some time in Lightroom collections before I totally figured out how they work. What a marvelous piece of software Lightroom is.  I’m just hoping that my notes and experience will bring about better and more efficient workflow when we process weddings and events in the future.

In the last month I’ve learned the basics of video editing in Adobe Premiere Elements.  What a learning curve.  I’ve always resisted video because of the equipment and processing power needed to capture and edit footage.  It’s like learning a new language… not something for which I am known. But the good news is that we have a 12 minute HD video that presents a taste of India as seen from the streets, back of a car or on an elephant. It’s been fun to mess around with and I see a lot of value in high quality video footage.  I just wish I had some.  Yes, we have a LOT to learn about how to shoot for a quality product at the back end of post processing.

We are looking at a series of endurance tests presentations to family and friends in the coming weeks. After subjecting two of our young friends (thanks Eric and Traci) to a marathon of images and stories we easily concluded that “enough was too much”.  We sat down for a tough love session and dropped about 250 images from the showable collection.  It is probably still too long.  We’ve had friends who tell us (correctly) that the images mean more to us than anyone else.  To me that translated into “don’t bore us, please”. We’ve had friends tell us that they want to “see ’em all”.  We’ll present with sensitivity and try to keep it lively.

Today I put myself to a test and decided to collect my top images with a goal of keeping it under 50.  I’m at 31 right now and Dianne has not joined the fun at this point.  What a trying fun exercise.  I’m happy to report that the collection is a mix of people, religious sites, culture, birds and landscapes.  A logical question is “what is your favorite single image Bruce?”  I’m not sure but it may be this one.

Thanks to all who have hinted that it’s been too long between blog postings.  All I can say is that it’s been time spent with a good return… at least for us.

5 thoughts on “One month ago tomorrow

  1. Great summary of what sounds like a fantastic trip! I enjoyed the technical/statistical side of things Bruce. I also currently use Lightroom, and I have used Premiere Elements to do slideshows. It can make wonderful slideshows but as you say, the learning curve is quite steep. I guess it figures that the more a piece of software can do, the more effort it takes to learn. The mountain shot you posted is just brilliant! What amazing light! You nailed this one Bruce! Thanks for the geek alert.

  2. I am soooo impressed. Remember that I am still using a point and shoot! And by allmeans, please bore me! love to you and D. Miss you TERRIBLY. kt

  3. I have been giving this some thought lately, as I am engaged in a similar, albeit less extensive, exercise. I guess I think that the day you stop taking images just for yourself is the day you will lose creative edge.

    Being a senstive guy, I’m not at all sure I would ever put myself “out there” as much as you and Deigh do; but to me the underlying fact remains that the day you stop taking images that appeal to you, and you alone, is the day you start painting a little box around your art.

    Sure, there are lots of images that need deep-sixing. …so far, I’ve managed to do that with about 40% of them, and my goal is 80%, just for saving computer space if nothing else. But, gosh, don’t do that for US…do that for yourself!!

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