My friend Deigh has been pretty enthused with black and white photos lately and called to give me a very positive report on Nik’s Silver Efex Pro v2.  I’ve played around with the previous version of Silver Efex and off-loaded it after the trial period.  When the new version came out folks like Kelby, Peterson and others were singing the praises loud and often.  Deigh’s call prompted me to go get the most recent version and see what it offers.

We are showing this image from India in color to anyone who will sit to watch our show.  Converting it to black and white changes the image but I’m not sure if it is better or just different.  I like the control you can get with Silver Efex and some of the adornments are nice (see the border on this image for example).  Of course, you have to like that sort of thing and it can be done easily in Photoshop… as can the black and white conversion.  I’m on the fence but kind of doubt that I’ll spring for the new version even with the convenience it offers.  I’ll keep playing for the coming days and see if anything really kicks me into a purchase.  As of now it is a long shot at best.  Comments are welcome… on the image or my attitude.


3 thoughts on “Tinkering

  1. Very nice Bruce – the B&W of the mountains is so iconic. On your suggestion I downloaded the Color Efex Pro program and have been so impressed with it – that is definately on the to buy list.
    No you need to get a Holga!! Hee Hee

  2. I am a huge fan of B&W, and I would be interested in seeing the color image juxtaposed or sequencely presented……I suspect I would end up voting for the B&W, but reserve judgment for now. Regarding attitude, well, hey, I am the consummate cheapster (even more than technophobe!!), and so, support your wait and see attidude!

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