As luck would have it

We are hanging with friends in Medford and set out on a walk on Bear Creek earlier today before the Final Four began.  A nice day to walk at leisure and enjoy being out. At one point I saw a humming bird flit around.  I started following its path and darned if it didn’t land on a nest that was reasonably visible from the path we were on.  I went back a bit later and took a few shots.  May go back again tomorrow morning before we head for home.  The sun should be more favorable at that time of day.


2 thoughts on “As luck would have it

  1. Wow!!! What a treat. Glad you had the patience to follow the flitter and Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    I also LOVE your new blog header shot. Awesome!!!!

  2. Great find Bruce! A tiny little nest for a tiny little bird! I’ve never seen a nesting hummingbird photograph before. Well done!

    I chased four hummingbirds for the better part of our last day of vacation in Palm Springs. Took far too many photos, so I’m still going through them.

    I’m eager to see what going back to this nest may have yielded!

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