Kim and Zach

Yesterday Dianne and I got a reminder about why we love to shoot weddings.  It’s pretty simple, really.  You get to hang out with young people who share a gift and radiate it onto others with the smiles on their faces and in their eyes.  We met Kim very briefly a few years ago when we were fortunate to photograph her grandmother’s birthday party. It was a pleasant surprise to have her ask us to photograph her wedding to Zach this July. We love surprises!

We met Kim and Zach in Bellvue and went to one of the nicest parks we’ve ever used for photo backgrounds. We were fortunate to have fair weather.  The wind played a fit with Kim’s hair but she kept her cool and even said that she thought it was pretty cool to have it blowing around. I really appreciate that kind of attitude.  It speaks volumes about the inner person.  We moved around the park freely and Kim and Zach took all our requests with ease.  They clearly enjoy being with each other and took our camera intrusions without fuss.

After this joyful couple get a look at all the images we’ve posted for them I’ll try to post some more of our favorites.  Until then, here’s one of our favorites from the day.

We are certainly looking forward to the “big day” and wish them the very best now and in their future.


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