A sure sign of Spring

Photographing bleeding hearts in the Spring is as much of a tradition for me as heading to the Painted Hills with friend Deigh.  This morning was overcast and slightly breezy.  I’ve always been curious about how the 200-400 lens would perform with some extension tubes added to its already bulky form factor.  I attached a 36mm tube and donned the knee pads before heading out into the back yard. Dianne and our friend Kim spent time watching and laughing at my contortions as I shoved, tugged, twisted and realigned the camera/tripod combination.

I tried to time shots between gusts of the breeze but only with partial success.  The image can be sharper and the composition can be better if I eliminate some nearby leaves and such.  Not willing to do any trimming or totally wait out the winds I shot with the intent of learning and enjoying the beauty of the blooms.  I love these little blossoms and the fact that they tell me that Spring is here… at least sort of.


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