Welcome, Kendyl Averie McCammon

I remember doing this with our oldest son when each of his three kids were born.  It’s an amazing time. Once the pushing is over and all the parts are counted and the baby and mom are “relaxing” and we know that all is OK…. well, there’s a time when it is just enough to sit and hold the baby or watch as it moves, sneezes and begins the journey of learning and growing.  Today I sat and watched Chad sit on the hospital bed while he held his daughter, Kendyl.  It’s a rich mix of emotions… relief, pride, worry and astonishment. I watched as Dianne hovered nearby and stroked Kendyl’s cheek or squeezed Chad’s arm.  Devri took it all in and summed it up with “she sure loves her Daddy”. I wish that every new parent could have the confidence and love that Devri and Chad do as they prepare to move from the hospital care to home.  We’re all anxious to see Fischer, the labradoodle, meet the new Queen of the House.  It’s been just a wonderful time to be near these three as the journey begins.  We look forward to many times when Kendyl moves, sneezes and grows in front of us and our cameras.  We’ll love every minute we’re given.


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