Gina rocks lacrosse

Dianne and I try to make as many of the grandkid’s events as possible…music, school, athletics. We enjoy them all and love that they are so diversified. Today we ran into a bind. Katelyn and Riley ran in a race near their home starting about 08:30. Gina played lacrosse nearer to us at 09:00. Kendyl, well, she was the most distant and probably was up to nothing more than wake, eat, sleep, repeat as needed. We opted to go watch Gina run and toss. It’s a bonus because we get to watch Heidi coach as well.

I love to shoot sports when the kids are in the sun. Thankfully the teams switch ends of the field at halftime so the sun gets a chance to brighten their eyes at least half the game. I’m still hoping to get a shot of Gina coming at the goal, full speed and with the ball heading into the net. Someday, maybe. For now, these pictures make my day. Sharp and full of personality. She has a lot of that.





One thought on “Gina rocks lacrosse

  1. Well-lit and sharp action photos Bruce! Wonderful work! Aren’t grandkids great? It was super seeing you and Eric at the Tualatin Refuge today. I was really glad to see Eric take 1st in the photo contest–a well-deserved win!

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