As good friends are apt to do, Eric texted me yesterday with an invitation to at least think about going downtown to the Rose Festival fireworks display.  His lovely wife, Traci, was going to go with him so that was another teaser for me/us to go. Time with these two is always good for our energy levels and spirits.  We agreed to go and then watched as the sky clouded over and dumped buckets of rain as we ate dinner.  Not good.  I looked at the weather radar and saw that it was clearing to the west so we had a chance to stay dry.  Turned out just fine.

We wandered down the eastside esplanade and found a location among other photogs out with the same idea.  We sat on a ledge and talked as we waited for the 10:00 show.  Dianne and Traci took off on a hike and Eric and I sat and talked.  About 9:30 the barge with the fireworks came up river and positioned itself right in front of us.  Now that we knew generally where the show would originate we adjusted our location to a place on the spiral walkway up to the Morrison Bridge.  Soon the ladies rejoined us and the show took off. Our vantage point offered us a nice opportunity to get some reflections on the water and to have the Hawthorne Bridge, OHSU and the Koin Center to be in the frame.  About the only additional thing I could have asked for was a bit more breeze to clear the smoke more rapidly.

The following are a selection of the top 24 images I shot.  I ended up with about 50 images that I like but these stand out.

For the geeks with interest these were all shot with the D700, 28-300 mm lens at 2 seconds and f/11.

Dianne was shooting the G10 and came up with one of the more interesting images of the night (IMHO).  This little camera suffers in low light but the movement in this frame is pretty sweet.

All in all, it was a great evening with two friends.  Now if the weather will just allow some roses to bloom it will be a great start to the annual Rose Festival.


2 thoughts on “BANG! POW! OOOOOH!

  1. We had so much Bruce. A gorgeous set of photos you caught. I really like the collage of them all. The colors from each shot look so good together. Well done!

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