The coach

There is long standing experience of participating in cycling with my sons… one of the few things that I’ve been able to do with them until they got old enough and strong enough to kick my butt and move on to find some stiffer competition.  Hey, I enjoyed the years of riding and, hopefully, teaching them a thing or two.  No doubt that both Dianne and I take great pride in their continued emphasis in cycling and outdoor sports.  Both Derek and Chad are, in my opinion, remarkable athletes.  Yeah, prideful I am.

So it is with great satisfaction that I watch Derek and Riley interact as Riley moves to the point where he will soon be kicking his Dad’s butt on runs and on the bike.  Not quite yet but we know it is coming.  I have to say that Derek supports Riley in a way and to a degree that is remarkable.  Don’t get me wrong, like Dianne was, Heidi is right there too but this blog entry is about Dads and kids (sorry ladies).

I’m one who enjoys watching my sons and their families compete in any event they choose.  Di and I try to make to as many as possible and the cameras come along almost all the time.  So when I reviewed the images from this past weekend’s triathlon I was reminded that I have several images of Derek along with Riley over the last couple of years.  Call him The Coach.  Call him “support”.  Call him “Dad”…. they all fit and his pride in Riley is worn on his sleeve.

I very much appreciated the nice words about my blog entry on the triathlon but, honestly, it was hard to write the piece and contain my pride for both Riley and Derek.  They are a team and Riley knows that Dad has his back and the experience to help him on the path to kicking the coach’s butt.  Doesn’t seem quite fair but it will be.  It happened to me and I love, yes, delight in watching it happen to Derek.  Keep on keepin’ on you guys.

November 2009, Sandy Oregon
September 2010, Portland, OR
June 25, 2011 - the coach
June 26, 2011


5 thoughts on “The coach

  1. Truth be told:
    *Thanks DAD! Very nice of you.
    *Riley can kick my butt on any cycling hillclimb with ease.
    *Riley has been able to outrun me for the last 2 years with ease, especially as I am not running because the “knee” curse.
    *He is my motivation and I am only a co-coach with his mother, Heidi.

  2. Great pictures, what a team Derek, riley, heidi. Outstanding coach and family we love them all.


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