Rose Garden

It was a perfectly lovely overcast Thursday… great for photographing flowers.  I headed for the Rose Garden which I expected to be fairly people-free for a few hours.  I had not visited the Garden this year since the blooms were late and Rose Festival created a swarm of people.  Today seemed like a good day to go see what was happening.

I went with intent to shoot pastel colors and abstracts.  I always have my eyes open for water drops and, usually, the sprinkler system provides a nice rainfall simulator.  Not today though.  The blossoms were dry and, for the most part, mature or over-mature and fading.  There were, of course, several new buds and blossoms but none that really coincided with my photo theme of the day.  I shot a few closeups of some nice organge and yellow and pink (I think) blossoms and got tired of it rather quickly.  I decided to just wander and look for patterns or other things that might catch my eye.

I watched a photographer working a bride and groom near the sculpture.  Interesting but not my style for sure.  I hope the couple are happy with the results.  I headed down the path on the south end of the garden and the hostas started drawing me in.  I found a spot out of the way and settled in to shoot the interiors of several hosta blossoms.  Now that I’ve spent some time processing the images I’m confident that I get to try again sometime.  They say you have to fail to progress….. I made a huge jump forward today I guess. Here’s the only one that has any merit IMHO.


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