A happy followup… sorta, kinda of

My post about the hard disk woes brought many replies, comments and suggestions.  Thanks for your understanding.  My friend Dennis Davenport told me about how he uses GoodSync to back up his files.  I’ve been using EaseUs Backup Pro and, while it works fine, it is not what I call intuitive and the user interface/interaction has always left me a bit cold.  I took a look at GoodSync, tried out the free version and popped for the Pro version.  It is vastly more intuitive and matches my brain a lot better for the task it has to perform.  So… I’m redoing all the backups that I just completed after the disks failed.  I’ll delete the EaseUs backup files once I confirm that the new ones are in place.

The other good result of the post is that at least one person took my lesson to heart and has new commitment to backing up their files.  That was my real hope in making the original post.

But the really good news is that I was preparing files on our laptop to show a bride/groom their wedding pictures and ran into a hidden folder that contains all of our files from Bozeman this year.  YEA!!!!!  All of Kendyl’s photos, the family photos and the shots of Derek’s kids at the waterfall and Chad/Devri’s house are back.  The original RAW files are now located on 3 drives and I’m very happy that I did not lose these irreplaceable files.

Tonight I hope to see if friend Eric has any luck with one of the failed drives.  He’s a vastly more techy guy than I am and his engineering background gives me hope that he can make magic.

The story continues but for now I’m greatly relieved that Kendyl’s images are home again. I really hated the thought of losing those files.  Whew.



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