The story continues

I spent a couple of hours visiting with Eric and Traci last night and got to see a 20×30″ print of the Taj Mahal that they made from a file of ours. Wow…it looked great. Might even inspire me to get one for ourselves.

Eric hooked one of our bad drives up to a MacBook and darned if it didn’t show up as a drive. He could dive down through the folders to see content. Yea! After some magic to share a Windows drive with his iMac we started copying files from the bad drive to a new Toshiba drive I bought to replace the one that went bad. It was going to take awhile so we decided to have a glass of wine and relax. I’ll be back to Portland on Thursday and will get the drive from Eric on Friday. With any luck my next post about this fiasco will let me declare victory and report that all the missing personal images are home again. THANKS ERIC.

As I was traveling to Burns today I got a call from Data Retrieval…someone in Ohio. He wanted to talk about why I cancelled my request to have them TRY to get the same data off the other bad drive. Couldn’t have been the $1450.00 quote they gave me could it? Just to try to retrieve the data. I owe Eric a nice bottle of Malbec I think

Stay tuned.


One thought on “The story continues

  1. Hmmm…interesting to read that the drive and it’s content were recognizable and accessible via Mac OS X. Being a long-time mac user myself I’d have to admit that it isn’t all that surprising. I’ve had similar experiences over the past 25 or so years and despite some of the many weaknesses of the earlier Macs and the various system iterations, have always found it to be a much easier and more forgiving platform to work on, particularly with regard to images and graphics. This may be a good time to consider buying your own ‘first Mac’ Bruce. It could come in pretty handy – also now has it’s own ‘Time Machine’ backup software onboard, as well as the optional (Apple iDisk/MobileMe/iCloud: ) to work with seamlessly. Sorry to hear of the ‘fire’ data loss and all the frustrations it brought on. Thankfully Erik and his knowledge has led to a recovery of most of the most important files and images. This account is certainly an important message for all of us to learn from. Looking forward to seeing more of your great and interesting work.

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