Couldn’t help myself

While I am processing images from a high school senior shoot today (thanks Brianna) I started tinkering with some images of Kendyl.  The images in the header were taken during a photo shoot in which she got put in a variety of settings and “worked it” for us. I have to say that our time with her was exceptional and we came away with a set of images that only make us miss her more.  OK… her parents are also on our list of people we miss but I’m still remembering the feel of Kendyl as she slept on my chest.

And what may be my favorite image from the trip….

Lest you think that the trip was all about Kendyl… think again.  Meet Fischer the wonder dog

Fischer is a labradoodle and is well trained to respond to Chad and Devri.  He loves to sniff Kendyl but goes no farther than that.  It will be interesting to see how his patience develops as she gets older and a bit more aggressive with his ears and nose and tail.  Let the games begin.

I will post some images soon that were taken on our day trip over the Beartooth Plateau (a first for us) and through Yellowstone’s northern edge.

Now.. back to work for me.


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