A moment of calm

I have some really good memories of the Sparks Lake area west of Bend. We used to canoe camp there as a family when the boys were young. We’ve hiked and floated all around the area. The memories all center on beauty and a sense of calm. It was no different as I watched the sunrise from Atkeson Point yesterday morning.

I arrived there about 20 minutes before the start of civil twilight. I walked to the viewpoint and watched as the light came up enough to see clouds and a still lake. There was no breeze and the lake was a mirror. As sunrise time came closer a slight breeze began and the crisp mirror reflection was dimmed by some ripples on the surface. The sky to the far east lit up beautifully but the color did not transfer as far west as I had hoped. It crept into the frame a bit but, as usual, I had hoped for more.

As I left the area to head home I was greeted by a tripod-toting lady heading into the viewpoint. She asked if I had given up on getting some sunlight on the mountains. I told her I was happy with the sunrise I’d seen and wished her well. I hope she got what she was after. For me, the hour of being alone and watching sunrise in one of Oregon’s best locations was more than enough.


5 thoughts on “A moment of calm

  1. THis shot would be more than enough for one night’s work for me as well! Awesome shot BRuce, what color. Worthy of being framed!

  2. Gorgeous photograph…I agree, it’s worthy of a frame! This might inspire us to make a trip there this fall. I have forgotten how magical it is over there.

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